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A new Nancy Sinatra Obsession

Ok, i hate my computer.
i tried postin 3 days ago, and the fuking thing had the incorrect time and erased everything and i just sat here for a half hour and it did the same thing, so i am going to elaborate in short now.
My art show made me realize just how much i hate people and their malicious, evil, petty, greedy, gluttony. but i DID sell a painting so that made me happy. see me smile?
Saw kill bill today. so fuking good!!! im glad to see a good piece of cinema to hit the theatres again. my next venture is texas chainsaw and house of the dead. great soundtrack too. got lost in a mall. for real. can you believe that?
i miss timb. i need to talk to him about some things. i hope hes having a great time in japan. i am sure he is though. if you read this come home and movie nite. i have house of 1000 corpses a good copy actually because my boi bought it and a dvd player for me. i dont know how i got this one. and especially kept him. last nite i realized a lot of things about myself and my relationship. he's very good to me. sometimes too good. last nite i actually turned myself off when i didnt even realize how much on i was.shut up, it makes sense to me. i think i knew most of these things subconciously, but they finally showed themselves to me.
its like you want to better yourself with the things that you learned, but sometimes you just cant let things from the past let you be the person that you want or were. and some people will just never leave your life. sometimes its very frustrating, with a sense of comfort.
i now ihave 3 jobs....god. one of them we havent started (once again why my boi is so good) and i go to one of them tomorrow for the first time. which i am very excited about.
and lastly, here are some pics from my sat. this is what i do when my job wants to pay me to go to clubs to promote and drink...hehehe...

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