NiKkI (violatedkitten) wrote,

i would defintely like some feedback on this...

I stole this from lollirot's journal b/c i thought it would make a
very entertaining response.

Ask me something very personal about my past.
Or anything at all that you wanted to know...
go ahead, I dare ya.
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August 22 2003, 05:30:46 UTC 13 years ago

what's your greatest fear.... and what's your greatest fantasy?
hmmmm... i guess my greatest fear is being in complete darkness while being in an inclosed space by myself. that... and failing the game of life.
fantasy? living in a huge loft in london making a good living as a tattoo artist w/ james duvall.
who asked this question?
ok, since no one else will step up. feel free to return this level of question at me to get even if you want.

what decision have you regretted the most in your life?

if you could change any one thing about your personality, what would it be?

if you could change any one thing physically about yourself, what would it be?

what would you look like if you were born a guy? how different would you be?
most definitely i think my biggest mistake was (and dont take this offensivesly) but moving to Florida and doing this whole skool thing here. i think i could have played it a much smarter way and alot of things would have worked out better in many different areas.

For the most part, i really like myself. but i would like to be able to have a better memory b/c i think i would also be less ditzy that way.

ABSOLUTELY collegen in the lips!!!!!! *pouty frown* ~soooooo hot~

I would be like you and erik except with tattoos. i dont think i would be much different, but i wouldnt have to handle containing my lesbianism and i would be submissive. *i have been learning my dominence well, youd be so proud* i do think i would be a bit of an asshole, but im a bitch sometimes now, so thats not so different. i think i would be more of a geek.

GREAT questions... i love you
alright... now for you....

do you think you would be different if you had never met dawn?

would you still be living in florida? where else? and where would you be going from here.

if you were born a girl do you REALLY think you would be lesbian?

what was your hidden dream as a child?
my life would be completely different if i hadnt met dawn. the core of things that i like and that i'm into would basically be the same, but much less magnified. i certainly would not have the rockstar persona that i carry right now (and neither would she, to be fair) i might still be in florida, but most likely, i would be in LA or seattle. i would say orlando, but i moved back to orlando to be close to dawn, so that probably never would have happened.

i could only imagine how different my life would have been and would be now. its hard to say because my relationship with her has set the pace for the last 6 years of my life. and hers. and its hard to say if it would be better or worse, but these things are all relative.

standing at a crossroads right now of either staying here or moving to japan, its all too relevant. these are important things to think about.

i'll have to get back to you with a more thorough answer. its a great question tho. thanks!

if i was born a girl, its hard to say if i would be a lesbian. as it is right now, i have a bisexual tendency, but its definitely recessive, and since im monogamous, that basically makes me straight. i think if i was a girl, i would just like what i like and that would be it. which would probably make me bi.

my hidden dream as a child? i'm not sure i had a hidden dream as a child so much as a series of bizarre sexual fantasies that helped shape my stunning personality today.

i guess i always had this disillusion that my parents were going to get remarried and move back into my old house. everything just sort of sucked after my mom left my dad. this was sort of a thing that i would think about whenever i was bored and lonesome.

i also had a lot of dreams about art and music, and being tickle-tortured by aliens.
great answers. i like that you're not afraid to dig deep.

you can hit me back with some whenever you want.
do you want any more tats'? if so, what? and where?
yes... i have a lot more.
some aready drawn.
i have my own version of alice and the mad hatter combined into a fetishy alice for the other side of my lower back.
i want the same star that i have now from largest to smallest going down my spine.
i want this design i made for the side of my legs.
and i want something for between my breasts, but im not sure yet what. something tribal though.