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Here we go again...
i have been procrastinating and shrug off the facts that are going on around me just so that i dont get stressed about it, but it is coming to the end very very soon and it's all hitting me at once. Again, I am ok, but this life shit sucks. I have been working and going to school without a day off, and doing both on the same day. Like today. mondays suck. I was almost late to class again b/c of the fact that I spent all my nite drinking with a bunch of people a my house. yea, its fun and i like these people, but its very subconciously self destructive. i am just dealing with alot of stuff that ive been pushing into the back of my brain. i am really nervous that my cousin isnt going to come down, not to fuck me over, but b/c of her situation and not being able to come due to circumstances beyond her control. I have to find an apartment, save the apartment, finding another roommate on top of her and move all my shit within a month. ::deep sigh:: so while i was venting, both amie and derek said that if i needed a place to stay that me AND MY KITTIES could stay with them. which would be really good. I wouldnt want to stay with either one of them for very long considering that amie is married and lives closer, but still kinda far from skool, and derek lives with his parents. but to do that for a month or so would
A) buy me time and
B) allow me to save anywhere from 600 - 800 to help me with me moving.
i still have to talk to alex about this, but i want to know if she wants more time. if not, then tomorrow i am starting my apt hunt. well, wed. b/c tomorrow i have an interview to try to become an art teacher for 1st - 5th graders. so much fun!! im also trying to become a muralist for this company. i need to have a game plan of what i am going to be teaching by tomorrow and a portfolio put together by tonite to email out by tomorrow. did i mention that ive been up since 10 after going to sleep at 6 in the morning and after this class in fort lauderdale at 5 i need to be back in south beach by 6 to work till 1... and we wonder why nikki is completely comfortable with having a nervous breakdown once every 3 motnhs or so.
soooo.... i will keep on my smile, straighten my hair and get ready start going again....
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