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well, i have not been on this thing forever!
so... heres an update. i go home for 2 weeks... have lots of fun. good people good times. got to see placebo. sooooo good!!! i realized and dealt with alot of differnt issues while i was home, and now i feel like a better person b/c of it. i cant wait to move back home in a year or 2. or at least back up north. my other option is philly b/c thats where my skool is. but its not now, so i dont really need to worry about it just yet. i come home, and because he knew that i was going to be depressed coming back here, we go to orlando n go to islands of adventure. i start skool. i start working twice as much as i was before. i see krztov. i go out. i saw timb have a one man show and wow! was that awesome! good job you old boi! i start freaking out about the fact that my cousin is supposedly coming here to move in with me in 2 weeks and she still hasnt talked to her aunt. i am giving myself about 6 other options to this scenario but all i can do is wait. damn it! i went to dawn's goodbye party b/c she is leaving on fri, but i dont have to say goodbye until tomorrow b/c i get to stay with them tomorrow nite. it is going to be sad. so last nite i get ridiculously drunk with timb off rummplemints and i missed skool today b/c of it, which i am pretty pissed about. and that is my up to date story.
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